High Performance Snowboard Training Camps

If you’re really serious about improving your snowboarding and you want effective personalized coaching than a camp is what you’re looking for. Let me first warn you that these camps aren’t for lazy wannabes who just want to sit around and watch snowboard videos. I give each rider my undivided attention and you will experience world class coaching, which includes a personalized training program, on-hill instruction/feedback/drills, video review and more. The only goal of my camps is to help you massively improve your riding, nothing else. I also give the tools and strategies necessary so you can continue to train yourself and continue a fast and steady progression.

“I have trained with many coaches around the world and Matt was by far the best, I learned 14 tricks in just 10 days!”Emma Bernard, member of the France National Halfpipe Team.

womens snowboard halfpipe

Camps are held in two locations and I am sometimes available for travel to your resort.

Whistler, BC Canada

Snow Park, New Zealand

NOTE: I am experiencing more and more return snowboarders every year, which means my ability to take new clients is extremely limited. Act quickly if you’re interested to avoid disappointment

National, Pro Team & Clubs

Learning as a team has a real benefit and with a variety of different options from intensive snowboard camps held in Whistler, Snow Park New Zealand or at your local resort it couldn’t be easier to experience snowboard training at its highest level. Having me coach your team will be like having Bruce Lee teach you martial arts. As a group you’ll learn the best and most effective training strategies and we’ll develop your skills as a team. I am available for setting up camps for 1-2 weeks or a quick and effective training seminar for your group.

Professionals and Sponsored Amateurs

If you are a heavy hitter professional snowboarder and you want to see if you can push it farther, win more contests, or need to get over a mental block contact me personally and I’ll help you get where you need to be.

This type of training couldn’t be more important for someone in your shoes. When you need to get in the zone, handle fear, win contests and seriously push your limits you’ll thank yourself for learning this stuff because the next time your shitting your pants thinking about doing that next big trick you’ll be in the zone with more confidence than ever . . . for realz.

“I wasn’t really beleiving in that kind of stuff before but I tried it out anyway and It actually does change the way you snowboard or do any other sports…  I  use it all the time now. It’s like my best friend!” – Marie Racine  (pro snowboarder and winner of way too many contests to mention here)

Marie Racine hitting the double kink at Grouse Mountain


If you’re the type of person who would do almost anything to improve your riding than one-on-one is just what the Doctor ordered. In addition to having me analyze your freestyle riding on the hill while giving you constant feedback you’ll have my complete attention as I put you through the Jedi 2.0 training program so you can ask me anything. When you’re done you’ll have all the tools and strategies necessary to take your riding as far as you want to go. It is my guarantee that you’ll be 100% satisfied and just for the fun of it you’ll receive the complete jedi program, the complete Snowboard Academy program and a chance to ring me personally anytime to chat for 30 minutes to make sure you’re still on the right track.


$100/hour for sport psychology sessions

* special rates can apply for multiple days or weeks

Skype Video/Phone

Just as good as one-on-one coaching except you don’t get to see my beautiful mug in person. Mastering your own mind and bringing your A-game to the surface is as easy as understanding and applying the program. The skype/phone option can be used to

-      Ask questions and get tutoring on the program

-      To be walked through the program step-by-step to ensure complete understanding

-      Work through specific issues such as fear or preparing for a contest

-      Tailoring a specific training routine including goal setting, mental training, physical training routines, and more

-      Ideal for teams and clubs

-      To talk about all your thoughts and feelings snowboard and un-snowboard related JK

Jedi 2.0 Sport Psychology E-Course

This is a 6-week class with lessons emailed to you once a week with practice and homework to ensure your complete understanding of the program. I review the homework personally and individual feedback is given to each individual. Each Class will only have 10 students or less because you’ll be given complete access to me through email to ask any questions you may have. This program is idea for those who like to learn step by step and like the idea of having a teacher ask any and all questions for complete understanding.


Full day, half day, and hourly seminars are available for groups, teams, and individuals. During these interactive seminars you’ll get a chance to learn, apply, and experience the Snowboard Jedi program.